• Sher-Ray_Formula-2-166x391


    From: $79.98

    Damaged Skin Repair Super Serum

    Amazing results with all types of damaged skin when using our Super Serum. Radiation, sun damage, eczema, psoriasis, rashes and other skin conditions may be corrected with Formula 2.

    5ML $79.98
    20ML $194.98
    30ML $239.98
    50ML $344.98
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  • Sher Ray_Tucuma Butter

    FORMULA 500

    From: $39.98

    Tucuma Organic Body Butter

    This Formula renews and nourishes dry skin and is a rejuvenating body butter.  

    30 ML $39.98-A small amount goes a long way
    100 ML $104.98-A small amount goes a long way
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  • Tucuma_Tattoo

    Tucuma Tattoo Organic Butter & Neroli Oil


    Formula 600

    Biohydrate your tattoo for the brightest look ever while stopping dryness and flaking.

    60ML$39.98- 6 month supply
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  • ArganDuet_Melissa

    Argan Duet Hand & Body Lotion


    With 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

    Balsam Peru with Ylang Ylang $34.98
    French Lavender with Cedarwood $34.98
    Melissa with Elemi $34.98
    White Lotus with Helichrysum $34.98
    Organic Vanilla $34.98
    Neroli with Elemi $34.98
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  • IMG_5494

    Sher-Ray’s Organic Shampoo & Body Wash


    6oz. of Organic & Natural Shampoo/Body Wash Concentrate

    Vanilla Citrus...$22.50

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  • Sher Ray_Bath Salts

    Natural Pink Himalayan Bathe Salts

    From: $6.98

    Includes 81 ancient minerals ideal for soaking tired feet

    Ideal for soaking tired feet and also great for giving as a gift to pamper your friends.

    3oz. $6.98 -Bathe Salts in an Organza Gift Bag and Cello Box
    5oz. $10.98 -Bathe Salts in an Organza Gift Bag with a 3ML Bottle of Essential Oil
    10oz. $19.98- Bathe Salts in an Organza Gift Bag with Two 3ML Bottles of Essential Oils
    12oz. $9.98 – Bulk
    16oz. $11.98- Bulk
    3lb. $19.98- Bulk
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  • photo 3

    Sher’s Natural Handmade Shea Butter & Jojoba Soap

    From: $12.98

    Two Bars of Unscented Rich Soap Packaged in a Bamboo & Sissal Terry Cloth Soap Pouch or Soap Refill

    Bag of Crumbles (10 oz.) $12.98
    Soap Crumbles in Bamboo & Sissal Terry Cloth Pouch (7oz.) $19.98
    Ghana, Africa
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