Why Use Sher-Ray’s Anti-Aging Super Serums? Because They Work!

The Secret to Tight, Silky, Smooth Skin

Eight reasons to choose Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics

1 – Water is not a main ingredient, as it is in 90% of other skincare products.

2 – We make our products fresh in small batches.

3 – We never use blades to damage the organic molecules when mixing. Sher-Ray uses a continuous vacuum to combine ingredients. 

4 - We use Biophotonic Violet Glass to preserve and protect our Formulas.

5 – Our Formulas are concentrates, that do more with less product.

6 - Our organic Formulas are so unique that they have patents.

7 – Our products are vegan and packed with natural minerals and NEVER tested on animals

8 – No sales tax in Oregon!