About Sher Ray

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Sherry developed her formulas in the early 60’s at her Dad’s lab in Miami.  She would go there before and after work.  She was an independent interior designer. At the time, she was working on a houseboat for Hank Rondeau, of the Baker shoe family. It later had a two page spread in “House Beautiful”. She lived for forty years in Florida. It’s a beautiful place but hard on your skin because of all the sunshine scorching your body and draining it’s natural oils.

Sherry had and has very sensitive skin, and there weren’t any natural products on the market, at that time.  Clinique was hypoallergenic, but it had chemicals and dyes, that Sherry was allergic to and could not use on her skin.  It took a little over a year, for her to develop the right recipes for her cosmetics. Through trial and error she finally formulated the right combinations. Her goal was to extend her cell’s life cycle to keep her skin looking younger and moist.  She did have help from her Dad’s chemist Rene. But she did the testing on herself.  There are still scars on her arms still from slicing and dicing her skin; then putting the slides under a microscope to see which formulas did best. Every six to eight weeks, she tested two new formulas.  Finally, she was ecstatic with her results and have been making and using her formulas ever since.

Sherry’s first business was at age eight; she raised and sold worms on the piers until she was 11.  Her worms were the biggest and fattest night crawlers.  She collected hair from the barbershops’ to put in her worm beds. [To this day she uses hair to keep the bugs away from her plants without pesticides.]

Then trying to branch out, she took her worms to an enormous camellia greenhouse in Temple City, CA. Instead of buying her worms, they hired her to work in the potting beds. She loved the feel of the shinny little seeds so much she pounded them into cheesecloth and rubbed the oil on her face. Camellia seed oil became an ingredient in her formulas, later on.

It was near Mother’s day, and they were short handed in making corsages in the florist area. They asked if Sherry could tape? She said, ”sure”, and when the floral designer, she was taping for went to lunch; she finished all of the corsages. After doing that, the owner kept her in the floral shop from then on.  She was a florist, all thru Jr. High, High School, and put herself thru design school doing wedding work. She still loves working with flowers. Most of her ingredients come from flower seeds.

Nine years ago she remarried, after being widowed for three years, She married Ron and then retired from her business. So this cosmetic thing was not planned. She was going to keep her age a secret and enjoy retirement.  Now everyone knows her age [77 in May 2016] and she wants to share her secrets for healthy younger looking skin. It will only help those who are willing to make the effort of a daily skin care regimen.  If you have skin problems, your body is telling you something isn’t right. You have to be as dedicated to your skin as many are to their excising or to a sport.

Your skin is the one thing you always have with you and everyone can see it. Because it is your body’s largest organ, you need to keep it healthy and protected. Sherry’s products do just that.  Most of Sherry’s Formulas have a healing effect, an anti-inflammatory inhibitor and anti-oxidants to repair free radicle damage and loaded with vitamins. These are just a few of the properties in her formulas.  The most important thing is that there are no dyes or harsh chemicals in any of her Formulas. The ingredients are either, organic, natural or wild-field and are concentrated without water. Aqua is the main ingredient of most cosmetics.