September 2, 2015

The Nose Knows

Humans have 350 olfactory receptors in the nose to be able to smell. The receptor cells inside the nose produce electrical spikes, then the brain decodes them into smells. It’s like a Morse code for scent.


Animals have 1500+ receptors in their noses. No wonder they are better trackers!

Nature creates all of Sher-Ray’s scents for their amazing serum, facial treatments, lotions, and soaps. Explore the natural difference with products you can trust from Sher-Ray.

October 20, 2014

Beware of the Beads

Oh those plastic beads!

No, not the ones you wear, the ones they put in all the cosmetic products and lotions. Yes, these minute critters are clogging up the drinking water filters. The government in 2012 said: “NO! NO! NO. You must stop polluting our water reservoirs!” They gave a lot of major companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Clinique, and many others until 2015, to stop.
Well guess what? They put them in everything that we use on our skin. It makes the product seem like it is making your skin softer. It smooths on easier. Of course, plastic does nothing to help your skin. Its main purpose is to fill the bottle and float in the water. Many products have it listed as their first ingredient.

Many chemicals find their way into products people use every day. Be sure to check the labels!

Many chemicals find their way into products people use every day. Be sure to check the labels!

It’s just foolery, doing its job to mask the product’s real texture. You think your face is smoother, but it’s only the plastic beads you’ll wash off, and as they journey down the drain, the beads make their way to your city’s watershed. They are so small the regular filters can’t stop them. Once they gang-up against the drinking water filters, they clog them. By the way, Europe has never allowed them in any products.

 Between the beads, the water, and the chemicals, what are you putting on your skin? Try Sher-Ray’s pure natural skin care formulas that are made from Nature’s finest ingredients, instead.

Try Sher Ray today.

Try Sher Ray today.

 Your Organic Nana,

August 19, 2014

Removing Make-up

Even though I manufacture organic skin care, I don’t like any of the make-up removing products out there and I don’t sell any myself…To me, it’s a waste of money.

If you wear too much make-up, you’ll need a blow torch to remove it all. The only things you really need to clean your face are a clean wash cloth, very warm water and a little virgin Olive Oil or Grapeseed Oil. Either of those combinations do a better job without drying out your poor skin cells. Finish by rinsing with very warm water and immediately apply your moisturizer. Don’t ever clean your face without following up with a moisturizer. Using soap on your face? Forget about it! Your body may need it, but your face certainly does not.


There are so many make-up removing products, it’s hard to know which ones to trust.

Unless you horseback ride, garden, or work in a coal mine, you don’t need to use soap on your face. On the rare occasions that you do, use my Black African Soap. It’s only contents are shea butter, coconut butter, coconut oil and coco potash. Mild and non-drying, good for your whole body. Draw back? It crumbles, so we sell it in a bamboo terry pouch. A great gift to yourself, or someone special…
Your Organic Nana,

July 18, 2014

Sunscreen The All Natural Way

Sunscreen or sunblock…No matter what you call it, legally there is no set difference, so a company can use which ever name suits them. SPF stands for “Sun Protection Factor,” a rating that measures how long a sunscreen remains effective on the skin.

There’s a simple way to find out how long your sunscreen will last…Multiply the SPF factor times the length of time it takes for that person to be burned without sunscreen – Let’s say, for example, 10 minutes. That person with SPF 15 sunscreen will be able to be in the sun 150 minutes without a sunburn. 10 minutes x SPF 15 = 150 minutes. Howeve, sunscreen may not protect us from UVB rays, which don’t redden the skin but can do damage to DNA deep within our skin.
This ten minute timing is average. If you’re a natural blonde, (Yes, some blondes aren’t natural, only gorgeous) or a natural red head, you may only have 6 or 7 minutes before your skin reddens with a burn. Then the SPF 15 would only last you a 105 minutes ( 7 x 15 = 105). You can increase the SPF simply by applying twice and allowing time for it to dry between each coat.
I highly recommend to apply two coats for all sun screen applications that don’t contain chemicals like Paba, Octocrylene, Trolamine salicylate, to name a few. They are BAD, but do work. It’s the ‘fix one wreck two’ theory that applies to them. The two best ingredients, in my opinion are those with Zinc oxide and Titanium Dioxide. I use Titanium dioxide with the camellia seed oil because it provides the UVB protection: the mineral does not. I don’t like Zinc even though it is effective, because it raises the skin temperature. No one ever discusses that in their findings. I also use titanium without anatase, which is more expensive., but better for the skin. (No crystals to scratch).
Out in WavesThat’s my take as to why my sunscreen is best. After you’ve applied it twice, it gives a slightly ghost like look, but you are protected as best as possible for the length of time you can take the sun safely, and your skin is soaking isn’t soaking in the harmful chemicals found in many mainstream sunscreen lotions.
To recap, SPF only tells you how long you can be in the sun, not how much more protection you’re getting by a higher SPF. Apply any sun protection product twice for best results, 15 to 20 minutes before going outside.
Enjoy the sun this summer with caution. Just remember, what you do now, will age you later. Besides sun screen, wear sunglasses and a hat. I see children without hats or sunglasses, and think, what are those parents doing to their children? They are giving them future skin cancer, for sure! After all, 15 minutes of sun daily is all we need for our bodies production of Vitamin D.
Your Organic Nana
~ Sherry

July 2, 2014

How to be Contained

Containers. We need them for everything, but are they good for the product they hold?

Most of the time, NO, because they are in plastic. Everything plastic is porous at some point, meaning that it has small pores where water, air, and microbes could potentially get in. Cosmetics leach into the plastic they are placed in, and tubes are the worst. An Aluminum tube can cause oxidation of a product and should NEVER be used. Why it’s allowed is a mystery to me. Some do line the aluminum with a coating, that isn’t good either. Tubes gobble up  your mula by 7% to 10%. That’s how much product you lose from every tube! Soften the blow by cutting a slit at the bottom corner and push everything down to that corner to get 2% or3% more out of the tube.


Glass is always best. Store your products in stainless or glass, you’ll be healthier for it. Oxidation is the culprit!
Your Organic Nana

May 28, 2014

Flashy Lashy

Do you have blue eyes, hazel eyes, or green eyes?As rare and beautiful as your eyes may be, your lashes are lacking thickness and length. They were put there to protect your eyes from sun and debris, but we’ve been cheated by Mother Nature! We need that screen filter above our eyes to provide protection from UV and UVB rays.
Flashy Lashy

But all is not lost! Flashy Lashy, my in home brand of fake eyelashes, can save the day. We can add the fringe to our eyelid lashes to make them even more beautiful. Flashy Lashy is not just for flirting – when you buy any of my products, you can purchase our fabulous fakes made of real hair lashes from Indonesia at 6 pairs for $12.50. Because they are so light, we can include them without additional shipping costs. You’ll need to buy an eyelash glue to put them on, and the brand I recommend is DUO. You can find it at any drugstore.

Every gal will improve her looks and give added protection to her eyes with Flashy Lashy!

April 29, 2014

Tending Your “Tumbleweed”

Every Gal has to deal with her Tumbleweed (Pubic hair), whether you shave it, clip it, or just leave it to ramble. If you shave it, you have stubble most of the time, which isn’t exactly sexy. If you can clip it, which I recommend,  then you can control it.

Take a fine toothed small comb and use either bikini battery razor or cuticle scissors (they have no point.) Hold the comb out from the skin about 3/4th’s of an inch and cut, doing small areas at a time.. Doing it in the shower is best.
After that, smother on my Tucuma Butter. Dry any excess off. It will leave the hair soft, flat, and supple while softly scented. Do this ritual twice a month, but use the Tucuma Butter after every shower. This will eliminate the terrible  “bushy” look and feel, especially with summer and the bikini.

April 18, 2014

Lady “Leaks”

Gals over 20, if you don’t want to “LEAK” when you cough at age 50, you need to learn to Kegel.

Not sure what it is? Start here. When using the restroom, be able to stop mid stream, get up and leave…Until you can do that, your muscle isn’t as strong as it should be. I started practicing at age 14 due to my fabulous hygiene teacher, but they don’t teach hygiene in high school anymore. DUMB!

Practice Kegel anytime, anywhere.

Practice Kegel anytime, anywhere.

Once you identify the muscles and master the act of Kegel exercise, you can continue practicing for the rest of your life, to enjoy the benefits of strong pelvic floor muscles. Side benefit: your sex partner will appreciate the action.
My next blog will be about every gal’s “tumbleweed.” You know what I mean…and if not, you’ll find out!

March 24, 2014

No More Shaving

Would you like to be free of shaving your legs forever? To not have to bother with razors, cream and waxing for the rest of your life?

I haven’t had to shave since I was 23. I have a secret that will help you in two ways; first, no varicose veins or spider veins. Secondly, no shaving!

Hair Free


At fourteen years old, I began to wear Danskins dancer tights. They were really just support hose with a different name. A bit pricey, but they lasted longer if you washed them by hand every night. I wore a nude color even as a cheerleader, and by my early 20s I noticed I had little hair to shave. You have to adjust to wearing them every day, but my legs were smooth and hairless by 23!

It’s the constant friction that eliminates the hair. I have continued to wear Hanes support nudes, and at almost 75, I have no varicose veins, no hair and soft smooth legs. Although, the soft and smooth is also thanks to my Tucuma Butter….


March 19, 2014

Falling for Expensive Fills

The guiding principle for using any skincare product should be: quality over quantity.

While it sounds like a simple concept, it’s not one that applies to many skincare products on the modern market. If what you are using has “Aqua” as the first ingredient, you are paying for expensive water used to fill a big container, most often for a big price.  This bigger is better idea should really only apply to bank accounts, bathrooms, and of course, diamonds….

My formulas are concentrated serums that have worked for many gals who have benefited from the healing properties found in my essential oils. I designed all the formulas myself and have spent a lifetime using them. I continue to stand by my promise that it will make a difference in your skin’s appearance, health, and youthfulness. Treat your skin to a luxurious healing by filling out our skin questionnaire, to find out which serum best suits your skin’s needs. Trying Sher-Ray is just a click away.


The therapeutic properties of rosemary include that of tonic, astringent, as well as reducing skin fragility, and are found in most of Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetic’s super serums.

- Sherry

December 19, 2013

Conserving Water with Shampoo Choice

It seems I take too much for granted when it comes to skin care. I assume too much.

Years ago when sailing was apart of my weekly routine, I developed my non-lather organic shampoo. It would clean well, but not suds up, so it didn’t take much water to rinse off. Water aboard ship was always rationed. I admit I was the worst abuser, but not when I washed my hair. All the gals onboard wanted my shampoo, because you didn’t need a conditioner.

But before I washed my hair, I brushed it thoroughly, really getting my scalp good with a natural bristle brush. That way all the dead cells on my head went into my hair, and were easy to wash out.

I thought everyone did this before they washed their hair, but I was wrong.

So besides keeping the tangles out, brushing gets rid of the dead cells for a healthy head of hair. If you don’t do it already, try it.

I still use my shampoo; it is my way to conserve water, which will be a future crisis for all of us living beings. Our government should be building huge water pipes with pumps & bladders (8 foot diameter pipes in hydrocrete) from flood areas in the East to drought areas in the Midwest and West. With all our technology, we are still in the dark ages when it comes to water conservation.

The Hoover Dam was the great accomplishment in water control at the beginning of the 20th century. What have the Baby Boomers accomplished in this area? They let the saving of little fish destroy thousands of acres of potential food by cutting off the water in California. It must have come from the 9th district circuit court of idiots.

That’s my say. Please try the organic way,

- Sherry

October 25, 2013

Camel’s Milk

As I am always telling everyone I watch what is going on in Europe in the cosmetic world. By seeing what they are up to tells me what is coming next in cosmetics. Guess what it is? Camel’s Milk. Yes, that’s right, camel’s milk.

Now I love camels; I even had a boyfriend buy me one in the sixties. He is name was Louie. Louie, of course, he never produced milk, only problems. He was a rouge camel.

This is the latest. A Dubai company will supply a traditional Bedouin ingredient to the European beauty market: 5,000 liters per day. (Are they afraid of running out of oil to export?)

The Emirates industry for Camel Milk and Products is ramping up production to provide cosmetic firms with camel milk to be used in their products. They are going to target high-end premium firms. It was approved for sale by 27 countries in Europe in February 2013.

They say the milk contains anti-oxidants, fatty acids, and substances like lanolin. The milk has been used as a sunscreen and in medicine by the Bedouins for many years.

“The cosmetic effects of camel milk are wide and very fascinating. They range from anti-aging up to skin healing. It works best if the camel milk is formulated into a cream or lotion. (Who knew?) All my Formulas are vegan, so camel’s milk will never find its way into Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics LLC.

Remember the article I wrote on Cleopatra’s milk and honey baths?  The one that I duplicated for myself, with sticky results? I used raw cow milk and wondered whose milk she used. Now I wonder if it was camel’s milk. It is an interesting thought.

Well, currently they have about 3,000 camels ready to produce, and they plan to buy 400 more. Who knows, maybe camels’ milk will be the latest item on the Commodity Exchange. (NOT)

We will see who buys and incorporates camel’s milk into their products. I think it is going to be a hard sell. But they have turned petroleum products into what they say are fabulous cosmetics, so maybe natural camel’s milk will be no challenge at all.

- Sherry

September 23, 2013

European Cosmetic Industry

I am always watching what is happening in Europe as to the cosmetic industry. They are far ahead of the US and seem to be much more interested in protecting the consumer than we are.

So the latest instrument to be completed by the European Commission is a standardized “New Cosmetics Regulation July 2013.” It replaces the Cosmetic Directive of 1976 used by the European Union. They adopted what they started in 2009.

For the first time, 500 million consumers will be served by a single, harmonized piece of legislation directly applicable in all the members of State of the European Union. This is real progress for everyone who uses cosmetic products, because what starts in Europe filters down to us eventually.

There are 1100 items banned in Europe that cannot be put into cosmetics, and 10 in the USA. Does that tell you anything? You want to have confidence in what you are buying and putting on your skin. That’s why at Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics LLC, not only do I make my products in a disinfected area (much cleaner than any operating room), and constantly check the quality of the ingredients I use. I also check, with a Geiger counter, to be sure all of the organic ingredients that come from all over the world are not radiated above 88 clicks. I also trust my suppliers, but verify.

Did you know when our government says an item is USDA certified, it is never checked for radiation?

It’s not only what we put into our bodies, but also what we put on our bodies that make a difference in our health and eventual longevity. Read the labels for both. Our grandparents may have lived longer than us, because they weren’t exposed to all the chemicals and microwaves as our children and we have been.

The main thing protecting us from the outside elements is our skin. My Formulas provide a protective shield when used properly to tighten your pores and to repel pollution, dirt, and debris.

- Sherry

September 20, 2013

Know What You’re Putting on Your Skin

There are many different opinions about what is best for your skin, how to make it look younger, and how to stop or correct aging. Companies that have something to sell you, form most of the opinions that are commonly accepted by the public. I have analyzed and researched their data, ingredients, and reasoning why their products are supposed to be better. I have come to the conclusion that most of it has no basis for their claims. They have terrific creative writers to describe their products, but the bottom line is that it is all hype. Many ingredients are even dangerous; the biggest problems lay with the preservatives.  90% are chemicals, which in large quantities would be really harmful. Because the percentages in the product are low, companies can get away with it. But why would you want to put anything bad on your skin?

I use Biophotonic glass to preserve my rare ingredients, along with natural organic plant preservatives. My Formulas have a 10 to 12 month shelf life, not the norm for commercial cosmetics that have 4 to 6 year shelf lives. Mine are made fresh every month.

I have asked ladies, “What skin care do you use?” Next question, “What are the first three ingredients?” No one knows. I am astounded people don’t know what they are putting on their skin. They read the labels for food, but not for cosmetics.

When cosmetic companies package in jars, the amount of preservative and antibacterial chemicals is huge. They have to do this because your fingers going into the jar are full of microbes and germs that will contaminate the product in the jar. Half way through the jar, even with all the killing chemicals, all the dead microbes that are in the jar can’t be good for your skin. That’s why I provide little spatulas for you to use and clean or suggest you use a clean spoon for the butters in my jars.

Most cosmetic companies are more concerned about how it feels going on your face and how it smells than how much good it does. That’s why they use the tiny, tiny plastic beads in their products, so it feels good and smooth when applying onto skin. Never mind that is does nothing for your skin; their only concern is that it feels good to you.

Another thing that has become popular is the use of hybrid silicones, like in Olay’s Regenerous. Their first three ingredients (main ingredients) are a hybrid type of silicone, water and stuff to make the silicone non-see through, to make it opaque. It feels great going on your face thanks to the silicone, but how good is it for your skin? They brag about the peptides, but they are so far down on the list of ingredients, how much of the peptides are actually in the jar?  Another thought: can the peptides get through all that silicone to actually do its job?

I don’t use any form of silicone in my skin care Formulas. I do use it in my make-up Formula, which sits on top of the skin to give color and conceal blemishes. I make it for myself and may bring it out in the future for gals who want the purest of make-up possible. I use my Formula 4 to seal and protect my face before applying my make-up. It’s great for gals who wear little or no make-up and it’s a wonderful foundation if you do wear make-up.

I’d like you to read your ingredients on any skin care product you buy, look up what they are, and then decide if that product will be best for your skin. Forget their glowing description, and read the ingredients. With an iPhone, ipad, android, or computer, LOOK IT UP! Remember, the first three ingredients are probably the main ones. It’s true some very potent excellent items need be used in small quantities and are at the end of the list. Be inquisitive and check it out. That’s my advice.

- Sherry

September 16, 2013

Lengthen Your Cells’ Lifecycles

I discovered the secrets to cell revival more than 50 years ago in my Father’s lab. Even today, its advanced Formulas have shown to prove, through current research, to be extremely relevant. These Formulas affect your skin at the cellular level.

My goal was not to exfoliate to bring up new skin cells, but to lengthen my skin cells life cycle. There is what as known as the “Hyflick Limit”. It’s a scientific fact that cosmetic companies have chosen to ignore, because it’s easier to exfoliate to make the skin look younger immediately, than to actually do something that takes time to enrich the skin’s matrix (which is your skin’s scaffolding to support the cornea & basal layer). We are the NOW generation, so I can understand why cosmetic companies want to satisfy the publics wants.

My products contain powerful antioxidants; plant regenerating agents for the skin, plus hydro-moisturizing agents. Best of all, my products are naturally organic. They are vegan, gluten free, with no harsh chemicals that have only been tested on me.

We have all noticed aging people with thinning skin. It’s because many of their skin cells have reached their “Hyflick Limit” and have died. Simplified, inside each cell is a telomere with chromosomes on the top and bottom that can fray. Every time your cell divides, the telomere shortens. When the two chromosomes meet, the cell dies.  That’s why I am against exfoliation. Maybe once a year, if you don’t care if you age quicker.

I do believe in cleaning your face and body every day but only to remove top dead cells. This can easily be done with a face vacuum, muslin cloth, or a washcloth. You should use a cleanser and hot water to open your pores, so you can then moisturize. With some of my products, your face should be damp. In the shower, for your body, to remove your dead cells, you should use a natural bristle brush. There, a washcloth may not be enough.

- Sherry

September 13, 2013

No More Chemicals!

Discover the world of chemical free cosmetics with Sher-ray Organic Skin Care.

Our Formulas bring the wonders of nature right onto your skin for amazing results.

The more informed you are, the more you’ll appreciate the perfection of Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics LLC Formulas. They are concentrated serums and butters that are good value, because a little goes along way.

Explore the reasons “Organic” is not only better but it is the best way to care for your skin cells. So many things are put into cosmetics to make your skin feel smooth, but have nothing to do with preserving, nourishing and protecting your skin cells.

SOME COMPANIES LIKE JOHNSON & JOHNSON & UNILEVER USE tiny ALMOST NANO size plastic beads to MAKE THEIR PRODUCT feel smooth as you put it on. But now these beads have been band by the US government, because they are clogging our fresh water reservoirs (our drinking water) WITH THIS PLASTIC SLUDGE. They were fined and have until 2015 to remove them. While these beads make your skin feel soft, they do nothing for you.

OTHER COMPANIES, LIKE OLAY REGENEROUS use some type of HYBRID SILICONE, and an opacier to make the silicone look opaque (so it appears solid along with water) as their first 3 main ingredients. How is silicone going to nourish your skin? Is all that silicone going to block the little bit of peptides they brag about?

When I examine the ingredients these products have (and it’s not easy because they don’t readily expose them). I can’t understand how they can promote such stuff to put on your face. All the hype is just that.

The company that makes the peptides did the study that Regenerous seems to be claiming to be theirs.  In the study done by the company that makes the peptide that Regenerous uses, silicone wasn’t their main ingredient in the study, the peptides were. Read the promotion carefully, it was really cleverly written for Regenerous. They don’t lie, they only imply.

I knew the couple that started OIL of Olay. It was discussed and planned at the Racquet Club in Miami Beach, Florida in the sixties. We sat around a table at poolside as they told my boyfriend, Frolin and I that they discovered wonderful skin oil in the Bahamas. It was made from the oil of the leatherback turtle.

They loved yachting and traveled far and wide in the Caribbean.  They were wealthy and were able to get it promoted and sold quickly. Olay means a type of tortoise in Spanish on the island Creole.

I had developed my own Formulas by that time, but said nothing, as I was totally plant based.  I only wanted to be vegan. But it was fasonating to see how fast they progressed. I had made my Formulas for me, not to sell. I had a career as an interior designer, and loved every minute of it.

Then disaster struck their company about three years after coming on to the market; the leatherback turtle was put on the endangered species list. They really had to scramble to fix and adapt and they did. They renamed their product and it became just “Olay” as it is today, not Oil of Olay. The rest is history. Originally they were all for natural, pure, and what was best. How things have changed.

- Sherry

September 9, 2013

Finding The Truth

It seems that Estee Lauder got caught lying about their anti-aging ”Advanced Night Repair” product. Surprise, surprise! Not that they are guilty of lies, but that they got caught is the real news. Their claim of: “Promoting DNA Repair” would be revolutionary, if true. But let’s examine this more closely.

Of course, what is Estee Lauder really saying? ‘Promotes’ means: to advocate, advance, to progress, or the growth of.

DNA is a nucleic acid that carries the genic information in the cell. It is capable of self-replication and the synthesis of RNA &DNA. The double helix chains we often see are actually the script by which their sequences of nucleotides determine an individual’s hereditary characteristics, (as I understand it). So what do their claims really mean?

They use big impressive words to describe nothing that really stops your skin from aging, but sounds wonderful.  It was totally unproven by any clinical studies, which is why the are being sued with a class action suit in the State of New York. However, how does your hereditary characteristics being enhanced improve your skin?

Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics LLC only uses nature’s finest ingredients in their products. We make no unsubstantiated claims. We only provide the results that you tell us about.

- Sherry