Did you know?

What I’d like you to know
about Sher-Ray Products

As you may know, skin cells die daily and need to be cleansed or vacuumed away. They’re replaced with new ones, as this is a continuous process.

Many skin professionals try to speed up the process in order to keep getting the new cells replaces faster.  Some like to exfoliate chemically. It might be acceptable to clean up a damaged face once or twice a year, but I didn’t want my skin to get to that point.

Just how many times can your body do this before you can no longer reproduce these new cells?  Does aging skin take place sooner? I didn’t know that 50 years ago but due to the discovery of the “Hyflick Limit,” the number of divisions that stem cells can undergo is limited. So my objective was to keep my cells vitalized for a longer period of time.  I wanted to extend my skin cells’ lifespan.  I had terribly sensitive skin and the only hypoallergenic cosmetic in the 60’s was Clinique.  It had yellow dyes and chemicals.  Not for me.

I needed to nourish and feed my skin along with stimulating or exercising my skin.  This was my goal when I developed my formulas more than 50 years ago. My super serums nourish and heal while extending your cells life.  They replenish the fatty acids, eliminate free radicals and are anti-inflammatory to smooth and tighten your skin.

I recommend professional facials along with your finger massaging motion twice daily as you apply your super serums.  See YouTube video: Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics. My cosmetics are meant to be layered with 15-20 minutes between applications. This is especially true with Formula 10 SPF 20. In fact, all sunscreens should be layered twice before going outside. All persons over 40 should see a dermatologist once a year. Persons with fair skin should probably start earlier.

This is a twice-daily regimen that will only reward the faithful.  Our looks are worth the effort.  Of course, always reapply after showing.  Twice a day is a minimum, the more often you apply the super serum on clean skin, the better it is for you.  Again, you can layer any of my Formulas starting with Formula 8 as your base. At night, when using Formula 8A, you can also layer with two applications; first Formula 8A and then Formula 8. All layering of my cosmetics requires a 15-20 minute wait between applications. Always shake the bottle vigorously before using. The only Formula that should not be layered is my Formula 5 for your Hand and Body Super Serum.

Dr. Anita Kolish of BMC, in Bend, OR. loves  Sherry’s Formulas. She told Sherry, “You are the Madam Curie of skin care.”  Sherry truly hopes so.  She wants all of us to get older but not to have old looking skin.