How Wrinkles Occur

As you age, your skin transforms in many ways, making significant changes.  Your cells don’t divide as quickly and the inner layer of the skin (dermis) begins to become thinner.  Fat cells beneath the dermis start diminishing.  Besides that happening, the skin’s ability to repair itself also diminishes.  The healing process takes longer.  If you’re over 40, you may have noticed this.

The support given by a network of elastin and collagen fibers begins to loosen and unravel.  The scaffolding for the surface skin layers lose their elasticity.  The glands for sweat and oil begin to decline.  This makes your skin lose its protective water-lipid emulsions and their ability to retain valuable moisture.

Then your skin becomes dry and flaky.  Many lines or wrinkles appear as crow’s feet next to the eyes and fine lines around the mouth.  Gravity adds to the problem, which is why you must always use your fingers in an upward motion when you apply Sherry’s serums.  You are massaging the face with your fingers.  This can slow down the process of sagging jowls, turkey neck, and drooping eyelids.

The earlier you begin this process, the longer you’ll avoid the degenerating effects of aging skin.

The sun is your enemy, as it is the major cause of early aging.  Photo aging is due largely to UV radiation coming from the sun and its reflection off water.  It also subjects your skin to cancer.

Collagen fibers, part of your structural protein in the skin, are damaged by sunlight.  It causes them to stretch and lose their elasticity.  Several processes take place, some of which result in the over production of oxidants known as free radicals.  They damage the body’s cells and even alter their genetic material.

When outdoors to counteract all this from happening, wear sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen and a base like Formula 8 at all times.  Protect and preserve your skin everyday.  It is easier to protect than it is to repair your skin.  So, join me in my daily skin regimen for healthier skin!