Goldenseal Root Extract Profile

INCI Name: Hydrastis Canadensis extract

Goldenseal root also known as yellow root or turmeric is extracted in glycerin and water.  It is a light to medium amber liquid.  Goldenseal contains berberine which is has been known for centuries to soothe skin irritations.  It is indigenous to North America and was first used by the Cherokee Indians to treat cancer tumors.

Goldenseal extract contains berberine that has been found to have anti-septic properties and can be used in products for acne. It has been shown to be useful for skin irritations make it a good ingredient for face cleansers, products for the sensitive skin, after-sun and bath products, and soothing lotions.

Goldenseal root extract can be used in anti-aging formulas, sun care and after-sun care products, makeup-up, and hair care products.