Palm Derived Vitamin E Profile

Vitamin E Capsules

Natural Vitamin E is in almost every Formula that Sherry has created. It is essential to life. It was first discovered in 1936. It can be taken internally and used topically.

It has been recently discovered that synthetic Vitamin E is almost useless when used topically, according to one source. However, natural palm oil derived Vitamin E improve dermal healing. A Malaysian study has found that the Vitamin E derived from antioxidant-rich palm oil is more potent than other forms of Vitamin E. This occurs when it is used to improve the healing of dermal wounds. Please note that Malaysia is the largest producer of palm oil.

The discovery could make the ingredient a useful alternative to treat a host of skin care conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, or acne. Sherry has been using natural palm derived Vitamin E for more than 50 years. That could be one of the many reasons her Formulas all have a healing effect on skin.

Vitamin E has an antioxidant potency that Sherry noticed in the lab years ago. The petri dishes that had vitamin E, didn’t have any amount of bacteria growth. She has adopted Vitamin E, as a natural personal lubricant. It is a safe and a chemical free source for a gal to use. One softgel capsule of 400 International Units will do; she calls it a  “love bead”. Sherry doesn’t believe in the commercial products out there. She doubts their safety over years of use.

The researchers in Malaysia, found that it was clear, that the palm derived Vitamin E [PVE] had a significantly greater potency to enhance wound repair, which in turn helped to induce activity and the increase in free radical-scavenging enzyme. Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics agrees with the researchers and prefers palm derived Vitamin E for their products

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