Seabuckthorn Seed Oil Profile

Seabuckthorn Fruit

It is believed that the ancient Greeks used Seabuckthorn leaves in a diet for race horses and given a botanical name “Hippophae”-a shiny horse.  Various clinical trials and scientific studies conducted during the 20th century in several countries confirm the healing, medicinal and nutritional valus of Seabuckthorn.  The references to medicinal use of Seabuckthorn were found in the Ancient Greek texts attributed to Theophrastus and Dioskorid and in classic Tibetan medicinal texts, including “the RGyud Bzi” dated to the times of Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD).  Herbal remedies obtained from Seabuckthorn were traditionally used for the treatment of diseases of skin and digestive system.

Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics utilizes the seed oil drawn from hardy plants called Seabuckthorn.  This plant is commonly found in coastal areas of Europe, Asia, China and Russia.  The properties of this plant are well known to many Asians.  It has been used over the centuries as a folk medicine to relieve symptoms of the common cold to therapies for diseases

More recently, studies have been substantiated on the Seabuckthorn uses in food and beverage industries along with its applications in the cosmetics industry.  Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics uses only the purest form of the Seabuckthorn Seed Oil, which comes from the seed in the berry.  It takes over ten pounds of berries to produce just ¼ pound of the seeds.  The quantity of seeds used to produce the pure form of oil from them, are even more numerous.  However, they create a higher-grade of this rare seed oil.

The skin absorbs this oil and has been proven to heal or cure a range of skin problems.  They include eczema, burns, ulcers, lesions, sores, sun damage, dryness, and inflammations.  Due to the high content of nutrients essential for the metabolism of skin cells, Seabuckthorn Oil is used to combat wrinkles, dryness and other symptoms of malnourished or prematurely aging skin.  It is a warrior against wrinkles.

This seed oil has been used in Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics organic formulas for many years . Sherry’s Uncle Ted came from Russia and his sisters had brought it to the USA in the 40’s. It has proven itself worthy of being called a “cosmetic wonder” when it comes to skin rejuvenation.  This seed oil contains high quantities of carotenoids, amino acids, and essential vitamins that absorb into the skin producing a younger more radiant looking appearance than one could ever imagine, especially for those who do not wear makeup.  Always look your best and have healthy skin with Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics.


“There are two main types of Sea Buckthorn Oil: the Fruit Oil and the Seed Oil. Both oils come from the Sea Buckthorn berry. The Fruit Oil is extracted from the fleshy pulp of the berry, while the Seed Oil is extracted from the berry’s small dark seeds.

Though the Fruit Oil and Seed Oil share some similarities, including nutritional profiles containing Omega fatty acids, tocopherols, tocotrienols, and carotenoids, the two oils are very different. Not only are they visually distinct from each other— the Fruit Oil is very rich dark orange to red in colour and quite viscous, while the Seed Oil is yellow to pale orange and more fluid—but they also have noticeably different nutritive profiles. Of course, it is also important to note that the bioavailability of both oils varies depending on the plant varietal, the growing conditions, the time of harvest, and the method of oil extraction.

Perhaps the most significant difference between the two oils is in their fatty acid profiles. Fruit Oil contains the EFA (Essential Fatty Acid) Omega 6 and, perhaps more significantly, the rare and highly sought-after Omega 7 fatty acid. The Seed Oil contains the EFAs Omegas 3 and 6 in a near-perfect 1:1 ratio, and is also a rich source of Omega 9.

Omega 9 is also very nourishing and protective for the skin, and this Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil is wonderful for use on dry or mature skin.”