Tamanu Oil Profile


Tamanu Flower

Another essential ingredient in Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics is a botanical called Tamanu Oil.  This oil is produced from the kernel or “seed” of the fruit of the Tamanu Tree.  This tree grows in tropical countries such as Asia, India, Vietnam, and Malaysia, but flourishes in the sandy soil coastal areas of Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii and Samoa.  Once the tree of flowers, which happen twice a year, fruit is produced and allowed fall from the tree naturally.

The seed contained inside the fruit resembles a nut which at first does not appear to contain any oil, but after being allowed to dry anywhere between one to two months the nut becomes a deep, dark, brownish color and saturated with a sticky rich oil.  One of the mysteries of this oil is that the process by which the seed becomes sticky remains unknown.  No recent studies have explained the transformation.

Tamanu Oil had been well researched in Europe, Asia and areas of the Pacific and significantly reduces the size and appearance of scars.  Polynesian women have known the secrets of this oil for thousands of years.  Their skin reflects the healthy, tone, elastic, and blemish-free effects this oil promotes with prolonged use.

This spectacular oil is just another reason that you always look your best with Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics when you use her skin regimen.