• 50ML_Formula001

    FORMULA 001

    From: $129.98

    Blue Toe Remedy

    Formula 001 is a complete kit which includes: A bottle of Formula 001 (30 or 50ML), a bag of Himalayan Bathe Salts, gloves, a brush, and two orange sticks. 

    30ML $129.98
    50ML $199.98
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  • formula 002

    FORMULA 002

    From: $29.98

    Cold Sore Remedy

    Formula 002 has proven to be the best of cold sore remedies. 

    5ML $29.98
    30ML $114.98

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  • Sher-Ray_Formula-2-166x391


    From: $79.98

    Damaged Skin Repair Super Serum

    Amazing results with all types of damaged skin when using our Super Serum. Radiation, sun damage, eczema, psoriasis, rashes and other skin conditions may be corrected with Formula 2.

    5ML    $79.98
    10ML  $99.98
    20ML  $189.98
    30ML  $239.98
    50ML  $344.98
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  • Sher Ray_Formula 2X


    From: $69.98

    Liquid Gold Skin Repair Super Serum


    5ML   $69.98
    10ML $99.98
    20ML $169.98
    30ML $229.98
    50ML $359.98
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  • Untitled design-2

    Formula 22X Facial Treatment

    From: $169.98

    Formula 22x Facial Treatment

    15 ML  $169.98

    30 ML  $299.98

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  • Sher Ray_Formula 3


    From: $24.98

    Therapeutic Deep Moisturizer

    This therapeutic strength formula has added properties that heal troubled skin, such as eczema, acne, rosacea, to name a few.


    5ML   $24.98
    20ML $49.98
    30ML $59.98
    50ML $89.98


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  • Sher Ray_Formula 4


    From: $24.98

    Beauty Balm with Evening Primrose

    A soothing moisturizer with rich emollients and rare Omega 6 fatty acids. Formula 4 is a facial sealer that stops dehydration and helps to repel pollutants. 

    5ML $24.98
    20ML $49.98
    30ML $59.98
    50ML $79.98
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  • formula 7M


    From: $24.98

    Quadruple Moisturizing Daily Serum for Mature Skin

    “You’ll love what’s in it. You’ll love even more what’s not!”

    5ML   $24.98
    20ML $59.98
    30ML $69.98
    50ML $89.98
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  • Sher Ray_Formula 8


    From: $69.98

    Nourishing Night/Day Super Serum

    Extends skin cells’ life cycle while rejuvenating and replenishing fatty acids for firm, softer skin.

    20ML $69.98
    30ML $89.98
    50ML $119.98
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  • Sher Ray_Formula 8A


    From: $74.98

    Nourishing Night Super Serum

    An anti-wrinkle serum that helps repair collagen and elastin breakdown with vitamin-A (retinyl palmitate) for sensitive skin

    20ML $74.98
    30ML $99.98
    50ML $139.98
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  • formula 9

    FORMULA 9 – Spa Exclusive

    From: $119.98

    Luxurious Moisturizer Bathed in White Lotus

    A true anti-aging super serum that rejuvenates the skin cells while tightening pores.

    20ML $119.98
    30ML $168.98
    50ML $199.98 out of stock
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  • Sher Ray_Formula 10

    FORMULA 10

    From: $24.98

    Radiant Face Daytime Super Serum SPF 20

    A sunscreen that can help protect and moisturize your skin when outdoors.

    5ML $29.98
    20ML $39.98
    30ML $49.98
    50ML $69.98 OUT OF STOCK
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  • 50ML_Formula100

    FORMULA 100

    From: $29.98

    Rejuvenating Organic Body Lotion – Ideal Menopausal Relief

    Anybody can enjoy the benefits of this organic body lotion, but it is especially beneficial for menopausal women. 

    5ML   $29.98

    30ML $49.98

    50ML $69.98
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  • Bio_Beauty_Cream



    All-In-One Face, Neck and Décolletage Cream

    45ML $32.98
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  • 20MLYuzuSilk

    YUZU Silk

    From: $44.98

    YUZU Silk

    A natural facial cream for blemish-free skin

    20ML $44.98
    30ML $54.98
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  • 20ML_EveningDream

    Evening Dream Facial Cream

    From: $59.98

    Nighttime Face Cream

    An aromatic experience that relaxes you to fall asleep easier and then works its nourishing magic all night while you sleep 

    20ML $59.98
    30ML $69.98
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  • Sher Ray_SW Kit


    From: $24.98

    Skin Warrior-Formula 800

    Men’s All-In-One Aftershave Moisturizer

    5ML $24.98
    50ML $69.98
    100ML $109.98
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  • cbd eye cream

    Sher Perfection

    From: $49.98

    Intensely Moisturizing Eye Concentrate

    Reveal a more youthful look…

    15ML $49.98
    30ML $89.98
    100ML $134.98
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  • Sher Ray_Tucuma Butter

    FORMULA 500

    From: $44.98

    Tucuma Organic Body Butter

    This Formula renews and nourishes dry skin and is a rejuvenating body butter.  

    30 ML $44.98-A small amount goes a long way
    100 ML $110.98-A small amount goes a long way
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  • Tucuma_Tattoo

    Tucuma Tattoo Organic Butter & Neroli Oil

    From: $19.98

    Formula 600

    Biohydrate your tattoo for the brightest look ever while stopping dryness and flaking.

    15ML $19.98- is 1.5 month supply
    30ML $39.98- is 3 month supply
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  • IMG_0001

    Sher Ray’s Sample Kit


    Sher Ray’s Sample Kit provides you the opportunity to sample our favorite products for the following skin woes:

    Acne/Blemish Prone – Formula 3, Formula 4, and Yuzu Silk

    Dry/Mature – Formula 100, Formula 7M, and Evening Dream

    Sun Damaged/Corrective – Formula 2, Formula 8, and Formula 8A

    Anti-Aging – Formula 8, Formula 2x Liquid Gold, plus silicone mask

    Each kit includes:

    Cosmetic bag, Grape seed oil 15 mL and sea silk sponge, Himalayan salt 3 oz. and a $10 coupon towards any purchase of $50 or more



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