Sher Ray Organic Cosmetics Packaging

The Gift Bag

Each order of your bottle or bottles can be packaged in a smart gift bag with fabric handles for an additional $3.98.  Choose the gift wrap option at checkout. Each bottle will be wrapped in terry cloth and tied with a bow. You can order up to three items per gift bag.


The White Wash Cloth

Included in the gift wrap, each bottle is wrapped in a fluffy white wash cloth for your cleansing process, before application of our face serums.  It is also used to keep the bottle upright in our gift bag.  Please use a fresh wash cloth each time you wash.


Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics’ Revolutionary Biophotonic Violet Glass Bottles

L-R: 1ML 20ML 30ML 50ML 100ML

The advantage of violet glass have been known for the millennia. Even in ancient times those responsible for  the keeping of precious products knew that exposure to light harms the quality of sensitive goods. The fine essences were kept in jars made of gold and violet glass to preserve the value and effectiveness. The Swiss company MIRON-Violettglas  AG combines this ancient knowledge with scientific understanding. This glass protects the contents from visible light. It also makes use of violet light as well as for UV-A and infrared.

They demonstrate the unique properties of their glass by using a clear glass bottle and a violet glass bottle then placing a cherry tomato in each. Seven months later, the clear glass tomato has flattened and is moldy, but the tomato in their glass bottle is red and eatable.  Amazing!

The young science of “Biophotonics” proves that light plays an important role in the life of organisms and organic materials.  Scientists suggest that the light influences the exchange of information and energy in living cells in multiple ways.

Sher-Ray Organic Cosmetics LLC. is an ecology minded company and appreciates the advantage of using MIRON-Violetglass.  We use premium ingredients that are sensitive to degrading because they are organic and natural. We feel that by using the Violetglass our products have better stability and prolonged effectiveness.


Scientific Details

Basic physics of light

When light passes through a transparent prism the spectral colours become visible.  Colours with high frequency (measured in Hertz) have a short wave length (measured in Nanometers) and colours in low frequency represent opposite values.  The ultraviolet and infrared segment of light are part of the invisible spectrum.

Significant differences

Today many sensitive products are sold in amber glass containers.  Analysis of light transmission characteristics reveal that amber, green and clear glass don’t offer sufficient protection against harmful influence of the visible light.  MIRON-Violetglass blocks not just the impact of the visual light, it offers desired transparency in the selected frequency range of violet, ultraviolet (UV-A) and infrared.  Light with high frequency can affect the molecular structure of products in positive ways.  It can enhance the life span of vital characteristics efficiently.

Original MIRON-Violetglass versus coated imitations

Innovative solutions and outstanding quality often attracts imitators.  They ride the wave of an upcoming trend with faked products that might look at first glance the same but don’t hold the qualities of the original.  With a relatively inexpensive coating process the visual look of MIRON-Violetglass can be imitated.  However a close look at the transmission curve of violet coated glass shows that the characteristics cannot be compared with those of the unique MIRON-Violetglass.