Sweet Orange Essential Oil Profile


Sweet Orange Essential Oil is cold pressed from the peel of the fruit and is tested to verify that it is non-sprayed. The difference in fragrance, from the distilled oil, is significant. Pressed orange oil is sweet and slightly tart. When comparing the three orange oils, it’s easiest to think of sweet orange as being sweet and tart in comparison to the blood oranges being mostly sweet and the blood distilled even more sweet with almost no tartness.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil, like all pressed oils, is prone to oxidation, which will then result in skin irritation. The orange oils are the most irritating of the citrus oils and should not be used straight in the bath. This oil is also photo sensitizing and should be used with care in body care. For skin care products it is best to choose the steam distilled orange oil, as it does not contain the chemical responsible for photosensitization and is much safer. This is why in Sher-Ray Organic CosmeticsLLC, we only use the distilled sweet orange oil.